Men need the company of men

Since the dawn of time, men have formed groups to hunt, explore, play, make decisions, and delve into the mysteries of life.

But today most men lack deep connections with other men. We may have buddies we occasionally see but those relationships tend to be superficial. Most men get close only to women.

Fortunately, a growing number of men recognize the powerful rewards of bonded relationships with other men, but are unsure how to find them.

A wonderful solution is  called a "men's group" or "men's team". Unlike sports teams or service clubs a men's group is designed specifically to promote male bonding. Through a mutual interest in forming deep friendships,  regularity of contact (every week or two), and intimacy-building activites, men's groups can provide  rich male relationships.

Men who want to join a men's group often do not know how to find other men who want the same.

We are here to help. is a non-profit organization of men whose lives have benefited enormously by participating in men's groups. Our mission is threefold:
a) identify men in a community who want to join a group
b) help them meet each other
c) assist them to create a successful group.

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Orientation Evenings

These free evenings are for men who are either new to men's groups and want more information about them, or who already know about men's groups and want to join one. Hosted by experienced members of men's groups, the evenings will help you decide whether you are ready to join a team and help you find one.
Our next Orientation Evening occurs:
When: Sunday March 17, 2019
Where: West End, Vancouver
Registration: can only be done online, via the button immediately below


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