About Us

Our founders
Mark Brunke and John Ince have almost thirty years of men's group experience between them.  Each is currently a member of a group that has met in various configurations for decades.  Being part of a men's group has been so rewarding to Mark and John that they want other men to enjoy the same. With the help of other members of men's teams, they are spearheading this project.

Mark is the father of two and a husband of thirty years. He works as a counsellor in an employee assistance firm and frequently leads workshops on human resources issues. He loves poker, motorcycles, and hiking in the wilderness. He has a fantastic sense of humour.

John's varied career path includes work as a travel agent, lawyer, realtor,  politician and sex shop owner. He is the author of books on environmental law, sea kayaking, and sex. He loves passionate women, the rugged BC coastline from sea to sky, and the company of heartful men.

Our ideology
VancouverMensGroups.org is based on a few simple principles.  We believe that all men can benefit from a men's group that is based on mutual respect and support. We believe that with the right attitude and a commitment to remain with a group through its occasional birth pains, men can create an effective team. Strong teams can arise without any  intensive trainings or any ideology about masculine roles.  VancouverMensGroups.org  aims simply to bring  men together, give them some basic guidance on building a team, and then launch them on their way.

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