Below is a collection of comments from men about what they value about being in a mens group. If you want to contribute to this, please email your comments to info@mensgrouplaunch.org. Please keep your comments to under 100 words, and include your name and city.


I have been a member of a men's group for 18 great years. Over this time i have witnessed positive growth and change, both in myself and fellow members. The group has matured over time to include coming-of-age events for our sons and more inclusive events that include our partners and extended families. I believe that trusting and loving other men is a prerequisite to being a good partner and person in the world. In fact, our partners have frequently commented and appreciated the fact that as men we have a place to go where they cannot follow; because their experience is so different. They, in turn, benefit from our growth and problem solving in the mens' group. I highly recommend these groups to any men of any age and any occupation.
Ian Hall, Vancouver

I have been in two wonderful men-only groups and love the experience. It is a place to talk about challenges in every area of my life and really be heard and understood. To be able to gain perspective on the day-to-day entanglements of work and relationship is so helpful. So often I come home from team feeling so much love and appreciation for my wife because the team time has opened my heart.
Kent Haden, Victoria, BC

My men’s team is where I can be myself, unedited. This freedom means that insights arise that don’t otherwise, that laughter erupts, that meaning emerges, that understanding is shared, and that recognition is felt in the heart.In this container of safety,  I am continually deepening my sense of self and others, and the world at large. I feel met and engaged and challenged to reveal an emergent truth I didn’t know I was longing for. While my relationship with my spouse is excellent (due at least in part to the team), she cannot by definition viscerally understand that which comes with being male. Cue the team.
Andrew Johnson, Vancouver,  BC


 Being part of a men's group for 18 years has been the foundation of my life. It's the one thing that has been consistent in my life amid multiple personal and professional upheavals. I cherish these men for their diversity of view and steadfast values. We support each other in a multitude of ways, personally and professionally. Together we explore the interiors of the male journey, and bring to consciousness the many archetypes that can make us whole. Irreverent and sacred, chaotic and structured, playful and serious, we plumb the depths of being men. We grow in compassion, wisdom and love. We make the world a better place.
Garry Gallagher, Vancouver, BC


My men’s teams – 2 of them - are my extended family, my tribe. They are love incarnate, where we rest our souls in each others’ hearts. We are growing old together as we share our joys and sorrows, our pains and our dreams in a never ending celebration of our humanity. Yes, there are boring moments, moments where we nod off – but who cares, when we mostly have this blessing - that our modern age seems to have forgotten -- the blessing of joyous intimacy and communion.
Paul Zysman, Vancouver, BC


My group has met every other tuesday for over 18 years.  The fellowship and support are rich and we continue to challenge each other.  I still marvel when a man confides to me that he has not told anyone else about a problem in his life.  It is such a comfort to know that no matter what I'm going through I can share it with my guys.
Mark Brunke, Vancouver, BC


Thanks to my team I believe I am more conscious about myself. The regularity of contact gives my team members a huge amount of information about me, and this allows them to give me really valuable feedback, especially about those shadowy aspects of myself that I have trouble seeing. Because of the trust generated in our group, I know that their insights come from a loving place, and therefore I am more open to them. I’ve learned more about myself via my men’s group than in any workshop or therapy process.
John Ince, Vancouver, BC